Jesus Crucified and Buried

April 9, 2017 Speaker: Cameron Barham Series: The Passion of Christ in the Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 15:22–15:47

Key Truth: Christ suffered the shame and forsakenness of crucifixion and death for the joy of our being reconciled to God.



Q: Have you ever felt forsaken or forgotten? What impact did this have on your life?



Simon’s Service and Jesus’ Crucifixion:

Mark 15:21-32

“The cross reveals the truth about humankind but also about God’s incredible power. God’s power takes the venomous mockery spit out at Jesus and turns it into a proclamation of the gospel: “He saved others…but he can’t save himself.”…God’s power absorbs the toxin of human sin and hatred and turns it into salvation for all who put their trust in a God who loves this much and who works this way. The gospel is the only thing that makes sense of a world so ugly and so beautiful.”

David E. Garland, The NIV Application Commentary: Mark

Q: What are some ways in which Christ’s crucifixion makes the crosses we are to take up daily less burdensome?



Jesus Forsaken and the Roman Centurion’s Confession:

Mark 15:33-39:

“The content of Jesus’ cry from the cross, his expression of abandonment by God, stands as an assurance to his followers that the worst desolation imaginable, cosmic isolation, can be endured faithfully. What is separation from family and betrayal or denial by friends in comparison to that timeless moment of nothingness when God’s Son is deserted by God?”

Mary Ann Tolbert, 
Sowing the Gospel: Mark’s Work in Literary-Historical Perspective

Q: What impact does Christ’s forsakenness and humiliation on the cross have on your life? Is this something for which you regularly give specific thanks?



Joseph’s Risk and Jesus’ Burial:

Mark 15:40-47

“Now though this affection of Joseph deserved uncommon praise, still we ought first to consider the providence of God, in subduing a man of high and honorable rank among his countrymen, to wipe away the reproach of the cross by the honor of burial. And, indeed, as he exposed himself to the dislike and hatred of the whole nation, and to great dangers, there can be no doubt that this singular courage arose from a secret movement of the Spirit; for though he had formerly been one of Christ's disciples, yet he had never ventured to make a frank and open profession of his faith. When the death of Christ now presents to him a spectacle full of despair, and fitted to break the strongest minds, how comes he suddenly to acquire such noble courage that, amidst the greatest terrors, he feels no dread, and hesitates not to advance farther than he had ever done, when all was in peace? Let us know then that, when the Son of God was buried by the hand of Joseph, it was the work of God.”

John Calvin, Commentary on Mark

Q: Are you willing to risk your reputation or how others view you through your association with Christ?


Mark 15:22-47 teaches us that:

-Christ’s crucifixion makes it possible for us to take up our crosses to follow Him

-Christ suffered forsakenness and humiliation on the cross for the joy of our reconciliation with God

-our association with Christ could put our reputations at risk and prove costly


“Let us leave the passage with a deep sense of the enormous debt which all believers owe to Christ. All that they have, and are, and hope for, may be traced up to the doing and dying of the Son of God. Through His condemnation, they have acquittal—through His sufferings, peace—through His shame, glory—through His death, life.”

J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, Vol. 1: Matthew—Mark




Romans 6:4-11

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