Jesus Betrayed and Denied

March 26, 2017 Speaker: Cameron Barham Series: The Passion of Christ in the Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 14:43–14:72

Key Truth: Christ endures the betrayal and denial of His people so that our betrayals and denials wouldn’t have the final say in our lives.




Q: Have you ever been betrayed? What impact did that have (or is it having) on you?



Jesus Betrayed and Denied by Judas with a Kiss:

Mark 14:43-52

“Let us rest our souls on the thought, that all around us is ordered and overruled by God’s mighty wisdom. The course of this world may often be contrary to our wishes. The position of the Church may often be very unlike we desire. The wickedness of worldly men, and the inconsistencies of believers, may often afflict our souls. But there is a hand above us, moving the vast machine of this universe, and making all things work together for His glory.”

J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, Vol. 1: Matthew—Mark

Q: How does God’s sovereignty affect how you view being betrayed?



Jesus Betrayed and Denied by the Religious Leaders:

Mark 14:53-65

“The object of all these expressions of contempt was, to show that nothing was more unlikely than that he should be a prince of prophets, who, in consequence of being blindfolded, was not able even to ward off blows. But this insolence was turned by the providence of God to a very different purpose; for the face of Christ, dishonored by spitting and blows, has restored to us that image which had been disfigured, and almost effaced, by sin.”

John Calvin, Commentary on Mark

Q: Have you ever broken God’s law because you thought that the ends justified the means?



Jesus Betrayed and Denied by Peter with a Curse:

Mark 14:66-72

“Mark may have concluded this section with Peter’s story to remind his persecuted congregation in Rome that not even the best Christian or lead apostle is immune to apostasy. Nor (as we shall see) is he beyond the promise of grace! The church can be honest about sin—even the sins of an apostate apostle—because it is so convinced of grace.”

James R. Edwards, The Pillar New Testament Commentary: The Gospel According to Mark

Q: Do you feel safe revealing your sin to those in the church? What impact does your understanding of Christ’s work on your behalf have on you feeling safe to reveal your sin to the church? What are some ways the church could improve in becoming a safe place for us to be honest about our sin with one another?



Mark 14:43-72 teaches us that:

-God’s sovereignty uses His enemies’ sinful means to serve His redemptive purposes

-God’s people are capable of manipulating the law for their own purposes

-our sin no matter how great does not have the final say if we are redeemed in Christ




2 Corinthians 13:11

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