God Glorified in the Salvation and Care of His People

November 19, 2017 Speaker: Robby Baxter Series: Isaiah 46

Scripture: Isaiah 46:1–46:13

Key Truth: God is glorified by accomplishing all His purposes to carry and save His people.


God is Glorified by Carrying His People

Isaiah 46:1-7

“When God demands that His people shall listen to Him, He shows that the true and indeed the only remedy for our distresses and calamities is, to hang on His mouth, and to be attentive to the promises of grace; for then shall we have sufficient courage to bear every affliction; but if not, the way is opened for despair, and we ought not to expect anything else than destruction.”

John Calvin, Commentary on Isaiah


Q: Where do you go to find the resources to make it through life?


God is Glorified by Accomplishing All His Purpose

Isaiah 46:8-11

“Those who received Isaiah’s words could never regard the nation’s humiliation as Yahweh’s failure, but as the exhibition of His sovereign and righteous power; nor could the tragedy extinguish hope—for Isaiah had placed hope precisely beyond a tragic judgement, itself part of Yahweh’s plan.”

John Bright, A History of Israel


Q: Where do you go to find hope when life is full of trouble?


God is Glorified by Saving His People

Isaiah 46:12-13

“The whole point of God’s insistence that there is none like Him is to show that He is the deliverer.  We do not have here a philosophical treatise on monotheism and transcendence.  What we have is an evangelistic proclamation.  God is going to save you!  How?  Because that is His will now and always has been, and no other being can prevent the realization of His saving purpose in the world.”

John Oswalt, The Book of Isaiah


Q: Where do you go to find peace and joy when you are overcome with the recognition of your sinfulness?



Isaiah 46:1-13 teaches us that:

-God is glorified by carrying His people.

-God is glorified by accomplishing all His purpose.

-God is glorified by saving His people.  



1 John 5:19-21