Communion Letter: Jan. 21st

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Dear Family at Christ Community,

     This coming Sunday we will celebrate the Lord’s Table together as our worship focuses on Psalm 72. This psalm closes Book Two of the Psalter and celebrates the coming of the King who will bring to full fruition the resultant blessings of Psalms 1 and 2. At long last, Creation will be governed with justice and righteousness! At long last, God’s provision will be lavishly poured out upon His people! At long last, the poor, needy, and weak will flourish, contribute, and bear the image of God with strength and dignity! At long last, the earth will be filled with the glory of God! We know that no earthly king can bring this to pass fully, however, we do know that the Lord’s Anointed King Jesus is going to return to bring all of this to glorious fruition! The broken bread and poured cup serve to remind us of the surety of His return.

     James Montgomery’s hymn, “Hail to the Lord’s Anointed” captures this Psalm 72 hope.  We will sing this song on Sunday in response to our assurance of pardon as our song of comfort. Meditate on the words as we prepare our hearts to commune together on Sunday in the marvelous light of this hope:

Chorus: Hail to the Lord’s anointed, great David’s greater Son! 
Hail in the time appointed, His reign on earth begun!

  1. He comes to break oppression, to set the captive free, 
    To take away transgression, and rule in equity. (Chorus)
  2. He comes in succor speedy to those who suffer wrong, 
    To help the poor and needy, and bid the weak be strong. (Chorus)
  3. To give them songs for sighing, their darkness turn to light, 
    Whose souls, condemned and dying, are precious in His sight. (Chorus)
  4. He shall come down like showers upon the fruitful earth, 
    Love, joy, and hope, like flowers, spring in His path to birth. (Chorus)
  5. The tide of time shall never His covenant remove. 
    His Name shall stand forever, That Name to us is Love. (Chorus)


     Give thanks for the broken body of Christ setting you free from the power of sin and death. Praise God that His wrath was justly satisfied on the cross. Meditate on how the blood of the new covenant strengthens you and gives you great hope in the midst of suffering. Consider how you can grow in walking in this abundance of love, joy, and hope. Seek to invite others into this assured life through forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

In Christ,