Communion Letter: Feb. 11th

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Dear Family at Christ Community,

     On Sunday, we have the opportunity to taste of the Lord’s grace and mercy afresh as we are invited to His Table. Psalm 96 will call for us who have tasted of the Lord’s goodness to sing to the Lord a new song in celebration of His salvation before all the earth. We are to do so in hopes of the nations joining our worship along with Creation of the King who makes all things new. Charles Simeon in his sermon on Psalm 96 in Horae Homileticae Vol. 6: Psalms, LXXIII-CL questions:

Who that had ever tasted of the blessings of salvation would “eat his morsel alone?” who would not wish all the world to partake with him?... O what “wonders” of love and mercy have we to proclaim! Who can reflect on the person of our “Emmanuel, who is God with us,” leaving the bosom of his Father, taking our nature, bearing our sins, and effecting by his obedience unto death our reconciliation with God; who, I say, can reflect on this, and not desire to make it known to all the sinners of mankind? In a word, who can have beheld “the glory of God shining in the face of Jesus Christ,” and not desire to reflect the light of it on all who are sitting in darkness and the shadow of death?

     As we celebrate our Savior and King this Sunday, consider who you would love to see join us some day at the Lord’s Table through the Lord’s saving grace. Pray for those you know who are not participating in worshipping the King who makes all things new this Sunday. Maybe they don’t know Him at all or have wandered away forgetting the gifts of His goodness. Ask the Lord to draw them to Himself in the power of the Holy Spirit to add their voice in singing a new song celebrating our salvation. Pursue forgiveness where you can as Christ pursued you in forgiveness. Welcome others to join us in seeing the word made visible in the broken bread and filled cup that they too might taste and see that the Lord is good!

In Christ,