Communion Letter: Nov. 12th

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Dear Family at Christ Community,

     We will conclude our current series this Sunday as we engage Colossians 4:2-18. As part of our worship, we will come to the Lord’s Table together to be nourished so as to walk in the power of the resurrection as Paul has encouraged us throughout his letter to the Colossians. The broken bread will help remind us of our deliverance from the crippling effects of sin and death; the cup will help us to experience our ability to walk in newness of life in the power of the Holy Spirit. The elements together will signify our union with Christ by which we can live out the resurrection in our various spheres of influence. Charles Bridges in Psalm 119: An Exposition powerfully captures this reality as he writes:

What is my “walk?” Is it from the living principle of union with Christ? This is the direct — the only source of spiritual life. We are first quickened in him. Then we walk in him and after him. Oh! that this my walk may be steady, consistent, advancing!.

     In preparation for communion on Sunday, consider the ways in which your union with Christ has resulted in you walking in the power of the resurrection in the various aspects of your life. Give thanks for the fruit born in your walk. Ask the Spirit to show and guide you where you need to grow for God’s glory and your joy.

In Christ,