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Baptism Letter: Oct. 29th

Dear Baptized Ones, We have the privilege this Sunday of witnessing Chloe Turner's baptism as part of our worship in Colossians 3:12-17. She has previously professed faith in Jesus Christ alone by faith alone through God's grace alone. She is pursuing baptism as a sign and seal of her being set apart in Christ to walk in newness of life to the glory of God. This empow...

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Baptism Letter: July 16th

Dear Baptized Ones, On Sunday, we will have the occasion to reflect again on our baptisms as we witness Frances DeMar's baptism. James and Catie confess in Frances' baptism their faith in and need of God's grace in raising their daughter. They trust that this means of grace will help cultivate Frances' knowledge of God's love and care for her as a covenant child. Th...

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Baptism Letter: April 30th

Dear Baptized Ones, We have the opportunity to improve upon our baptisms this Sunday in gathered worship as Wes Calton will baptize his and Kelly's third born son Whitley Benjamin. While baptism will not save Whit, it will serve as a sign of the Lord calling him to respond in repentance from sin and by faith in God's saving grace through the work of Christ alone. ...

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Baptism Letter: Feb. 26th

Dear Baptized Ones, This Sunday we will have the privilege of witnessing the baptism of Luke Baird. Luke's parents, Bryan and Kathryn, recognize that Luke's only hope for eternal life depends upon the washing of regeneration accomplished by Jesus our Savior. This washing of regeneration is signified in baptism and received by faith alone through grace alone in Chris...

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Baptism Letter: Dec. 18th

Dear Baptized Ones, We have the benefit of witnessing the baptism of Ellie Street on Sunday, Dec. 18th. Daniel and Greta recognize that Ellie is the wonderful answer to prayer from God that they had (and we had) anticipated for so long. They desire that she would grow up knowing this God that lovingly fashioned her as a covenant gift in His perfect but mysterious timin...

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Baptism Letter: December 4th

Dear Baptized Ones, This coming Sunday we have the privilege to celebrate God's fatherly care for children through the baptism of Sadie Foster. Cody and Maria Foster desire for Sadie to grow up knowing God's specific care and love for her as initially expressed by being born to believing parents seeking to grow in covenant community. The sacrament of baptism represent...

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